About White Bark

Designed and produced in Los Angeles, our entire line is made from the finest hemp fabrics available. We make the most comfortable, durable, sustainable, and functional hand-made workwear on the market. Using Certified Sustainable Biodegradable Fabrics, our products are naturally anti-microbial (which means less washing), breathable, and machine washable.  

Our goal is for you to take the same pride in wearing our workwear as you do in your work or business. Whether in your restaurant or home kitchen, workshop or art studio, we want to be your first choice in aprons and workwear. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we're doing our part to support consciously-driven fabrics and growing practices. By sourcing the finest organic and sustainable hemp and cotton fabrics available, we provide you with the best possible products without compromise. Help us continue our mission to combat toxic agricultural growing practices that negatively impact our oceans and farms. 


Green field



Our products are made with 4 key components in mind: Functionality, Durability, Simplicity, and Sustainability.

Originally designed for the rigors of a commercial kitchen setting, our aprons are exceptionally produced with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, for use in a wide variety of professions and lifestyles.

We maintain the simplicity of our products by manufacturing only the most essential tools to help you work at your most productive level, while keeping your safety in mind.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we continue to search for, and source the most sustainable materials, mitigating our environmental impact by creating earth-conscious, durable products that help to reduce unnecessary waste. From kitchens to kilns, our aprons hold fast. 



All of our products are carefully handcrafted in Los Angeles, California in factories with fair working conditions.



Hemp is a long-strain fiber, possessing incredible strength and durability, even when wet. Historically, hemp has served many purposes, functioning as ship sails and wagon covers for the conestoga wagons which traversed the American West. Additionally, hemp is naturally anti- microbial and highly effective in combatting bacterial contamination responsible for food-borne illnesses.

The hemp fabrics we source are sustainably grown and harvested, and free of harmful herbicides and pesticides. This is due in part to hemp’s dense growing patterns, which limit sunlight and consequently inhibit the growth of weeds in the soil. The plant’s structure is such that it naturally retains topsoil while simultaneously replenishing the earth with revitalizing chemical elements. 


Certified Organic Cotton

All the cotton used in our fabrics is certified organically grown. In other words, our cotton is grown without the harmful chemicals and pesticides that directly harm farm workers and pollute our food and water supplies. Of the seven hundred twenty million pounds of cotton produced globally per annum, organic cotton represents a mere 1.1%–the remaining 98.9% grown with genetically modified seeds using traditional methods that incorporate pesticides and insecticides. In addition, only 35% of cotton is actually grown for clothing. The remaining 65% is not registered as a food crop, yet is still used as a filler for animal feed, and cotton seed oil for human consumption. 

Sustainable Biodegradable Products



Our Fabric is Certified Sustainable Biodegradable and includes the following accredited certifications: